Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BMT Nigel Gee

We were most graciously invited to visit the office of BMT Nigel Gee  (, a Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture consultancy based in Southampton. Nigel Gee is part of the larger BMT Group Ltd. BMT is built on an Employee Benefit Trust, meaning that the company is owned by the employees, and they benefit directly from the companies success. We were hosted by Mr. Sime, head Naval Architect. He was friendly and showed us all around the office, and the projects he is working on. BMT Nigel Gee works in all parts of the design process, from conceptual to detailed structural and mechanical production design. While much of their work is confidential, shown below are some of the projects they have worked on. BMT Nigel Gee does a lot of work with SWATH and modified SWATH and catamaran hull forms. They appear to never do the same project twice, and are at the forefront of fast hull forms.

Concept design for a floating thing...

Largest motor yacht built in the UK (85m)

Ferry under construction

30m cat with RHIB launched between hulls

All pictures from BMT Nigel Gee's website
We had a great time looking around, and hearing from a successful Naval Architect. We are very thankful to Mr. Sime and BMT Nigel Gee for having us.

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