Friday, 21 September 2012

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

After we left Germany, we got on the train for the Netherlands. Our first stop, Venlo, to change trains. We ordered McKrokets for snack at McDonalds, and were reasonably surprised

I thought it was just a chicken patty. Turns out it was deep fried potato and mystery meat mash. Delicious or disgusting, depending on who you ask (I wouldn't ask me or Chris).

Our next destination in the Netherlands was Delft, where a multitude of wonderful Webbies live. Tophi picked us up from the train station and gave us a tour of Delft university and town.

Back Row From Left: Satchel, Cody, Katie, Leah, Jay
Front Row From Left: Chris, Andy, Tophi, Brett
Photo Credit to Anika(Thanks a ton)

When we came back, we met the other Webbies, Brett, Leah, Katie, and Jay. Brett works for Stolt, which explains his shameless product placement. They graciously welcomed us into their homes, and we had a great time cooking a big meal together then spending a night on the town. 

The next morning, I headed out on a rafting trip to see the city. I towed Katie in the raft behind me to give her a ride to work. 

The others toured the market with Leah, and sat in a clog….

That night, we headed to Rotterdam to hang out with Matt, another alum working for Stolt. On the way we saw this:

A flying cat

Andy found a shopping cart with wheels

After a good night’s sleep, we headed to Amsterdam. There we had some train difficulties, and we arrived at different times, but met up and headed out on a canal tour.

We’re on a boat.

A 120m “mini” cruise ship, L/B ratio of 11…

UK amphibious assault ship (I believe)

The harbor is so busy they have a water traffic controller booth

Beautiful Amsterdam. We spent two days here, looking around at the beautiful city, but we forgot to take pictures because at this point we had seen 1000’s of old stone buildings.

Nemo Museum-We went the next day, really cool children’s science museum.

One of the many many canals

Another one, with bikes locked everywhere

The 1700’s replica Dutch warship "Amsterdam". Astounding carvings and craftsmanship

A 150 ton barge crane. The photo doesn’t do it justice. We watched as the crane lifted the concrete block, and the bow sank a full meter

After staying in a hostel for two days in Amsterdam, we moved on to Paris. A post on Paris will follow, after we have sorted through the 1000 pictures taken in the last three days!

Thanks again to our hosts along the way, especially the wonderful Webbies in Delft!

Miss you all


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